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Homecoming Symbolic Gestures

SYMBOLIC GESTURESAs a part of your Homecoming ceremony there are many symbolic guestures that can be included to help turn your ceremony into a unique and authentic Scottish experience. Here’s two of our favourites:


The quaich is a traditional Scottish drinking vessel, said to b completely unique to the country with no similar item coming from any other European country. It was traditionally used to welcome guests with a dram of whisky and also to give them a drink to say farewell and bid them off on their travels.

The quaich’s two handles make it an ideal cup for sharing, whether between lovers, friends, or well-met strangers.

Drinking from a quaich is an ancient Scottish ceremony, symbolic of trust, love and peace between two people. In drinking from the same cup, you are symbolizing your commitment to your country and drinking a toast to all your ancestors who have lived here.

To symbolise and celebrate their historical ties with Scotland the MacDonald family have chosen a quaich; to drink the whisky their fathers have given them, representing the accomplishments of their clan. The quaich originated in the Highlands, to cement love and fellowship, and has long been used as a cup of welcome and farewell. In drinking from it, they symbolise their love and devotion to the land of their forefathers.


A sand ceremony can be a great symbolic way of celebrating your love for your homeland whilst also showing your appreciation for your new home. A sand ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two different sands into a single vessel. The meaning is clear: The blending of two different lands, into a single, inseparable unit that represents their home and the joining of their countries in their heart. Hard as it would be to separate out those grains of sand, that’s how difficult it is to separate the love and respect to the their homeland.

The bond you have with your country is symbolised by the pouring together of these two individual containers of sand. One containing sand from the land that you live and the other containing Scottish sand from the land that you love. As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the grains of sand can never again be separated, as your heart can never be separated from Scotland.

These are just two of a massive library of different gestures we can include in your Homecoming Ceremony. You may also want to incorporate an old family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whatever you would like to include we are able to provide this as part of your ceremony to ensure your experience is unique, personal and above all memorable.