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Your Heritage

Celebrate your Scottish heritage with a Homecoming Ceremony

Whether you are a Scots returning home, you have Scottish heritage or you just love Scotland, Fuze are offering a unique and authentic way to celebrate the Scottish history, culture and ancestry that’s important to you. We’ll take you on a journey to walk in the actual footsteps of your ancestors, visiting landmarks, dwellings or workplaces and massively enhance your visit by offering you a memorable and emotional ceremony. We’re putting you at the center – combining music, poetry and story-telling, weaving together family history to create a truly unique personal experience.  We’re offering a range of services: from a simple ceremony through to an all-inclusive package.

Your Scottish Story: You provide us with the genealogy and we’ll write and deliver to you a unique Scottish story that’s all about you and your family history.  This will be in the form of a script that can be read / performed any-where.  It makes an ideal present and is a keep-sake for generations to come.

Your Home-Coming Ceremony:  You provide us with the genealogy and we’ll script and perform a ceremony, for you and your family and friends at a location that’s meaningful for you.   If you don’t have the genealogy, we can do the research and we can arrange accommodation stays, piper & filming and transport.

Keep your eye out for our next blog post which will tell you the story of George MacKay and his Scottish roots.